Established in 2006 by experienced placement professionals, DT Legal’s mission is to help you realize your full potential.


We carefully curate law firms for our candidates.  If you’re a Harry Potter® aficionado, think of it as the Sorting Hat!


We’ll help you find the right fit for you and your clients, and that in turn creates the right fit for our client law firms.


It’s a win-win-win!

We're small but mighty! If we're working with you, we genuinely like you. We appreciate the candidates and law firms we work with, and we're here to help you make the right choices for you, your career, your firm, and your clients.

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Meg is an attorney licensed to practice law (inactive status) in Georgia. She has almost 20 years of experience matching attorneys and law firms and more than 20 years experience assisting clients with their writing and marketing needs. She's assembled a terrific team of experts to help you with your career goals, as well as with your branding, video, and other practice-growth needs.

Having worked with a range of law firm sizes and a variety of candidate backgrounds, she is well-suited to match candidates and clients based not only on practice areas, but on temperament and law firm culture as well.

Meg's experience with the Georgia Chief Justice's Commission on Professionalism early in her career helped her understand that confidentiality, integrity, and honor are of utmost importance in maintaining not only a law practice, but in any professional endeavor, including legal recruiting. Her vision is to match attorneys and law firms to create the best possible situation for all involved, including the attorneys’ clients.

Meg is a graduate of the University of Rochester, Rochester, NY, and she received her JD from Emory Law School in Atlanta. In addition to skillfully placing attorneys with their new law firms, she has written, directed, and produced a Las Vegas show designed to help people improve their lives. She was also the president and publisher of DreamTime Publishing, Inc., an independent publisher of motivational and inspirational books, and she blogs at Goals with Heart: Discover What You Love.



Jeff joined forces with DT Legal Consulting in 2014 to help lawyers further their personal and professional goals.

On the placement side, Jeff enjoys talking with lawyers to learn about their practices and goals to help them find the right law firm. He uses his creativity to see connections and possibilities that others might miss, and he’s continually thinking of new ways to make DT Legal more effective for both individual attorneys and entire law firms.

On the marketing side, he is a graphic design and video expert with more than 20 years advertising experience; he creates effective web, print, and video materials for attorneys and other professionals and has helped bring several new companies to market.

As a design professional who’s worked in many industries, not just legal, he is the perfect choice to help you express your more artistic ideas and help you reach your ideal clients.

He has made numerous short films and video ads and is the perfect go-to professional for unique, fun, and turnkey videos, from script through post-production.

Jeffrey received his BA from SUNY Geneseo. He enjoys making movies, travel, and writing.